Tourist cruises in Lier

Discover Lier's hidden corners from the water. Take a boat trip on the 'Binnennete' in an old eel barge. Discover all of the scenic and picturesque spots the city has to offer you.

Every year, from the 1st of April till the 31st of October the Royal Company of Brave Boat Fishermen take to the water and organize tourist boat trips in the centre of Lier.

The Royal Brave Boat Fishermen are a non-profit association consisting of motivated volunteers / skippers / guides who will proudly show you their beloved city, share historical anecdotes and bring you back home safe and reasonably dry.

During a 40 minutes boat trip visitors discover the most attractive spots of Lier such as: the Van Geetruyen Court, the Municipal Park, the Beguinage recognized as UNESCO World Heritage, the Zimmer Tower, the Warf, the Fish Market, the Saint-Gummers church, the Moss Dike, the famous Aragon Bridge, the Fortune and the Sluice. The guide will also explain to you what "Pottekesnete" means …

Discover all the sights from the river that has flown through Lier since the beginning. Choose a more romantic 'cruise' and let an aperitif on board ensure 'smooth sailing'

The Royal Brave Boat Fishermen welcome you aboard!

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  • Koninklijke Moedige Bootvissers
    +32 (0)3 480 80 75 or +32 (0)485 84 58 21

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  • Starting the 1st of April untill the 31st of Octobre

    Every saturday, sunday and holidays

    From 2 pm until 5:30 pm.
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